Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Councilwoman Gonzalez Leads Latino Dropout Forum At Somos Conference in Albany

Councilwoman Sara M. González attended the Somos El Futuro Conference in Albany over the weekend and led an important legislative forum titled Keeping Our Future in Schools: Addressing the Latino Drop-Out Crisis.

The Councilwoman has watched as the annual conference has grown in stature, attendance and importance with each successive year.  The focus of the event is to create a platform for leaders throughout the Northeast to engage and discuss the challenges facing the Latino community.  The Hispanic Federation works to help organize the forums that help build capacity to work towards the development of policies, laws, state rules and regulations that address the needs and issues of Hispanics across the state.

The forum led by Councilwoman González addressed the dropout rate as a glaring example of how our public education system is failing to serve Latino children.  “Not only do Latino youth have much higher dropout rates than other students, but they tend to drop out earlier than other groups,” the Councilwoman explained.  Panelists provided information on the graduation rate crisis and highlighted actions that need to be taken to increase Latino high school completion.  The Councilwoman led a wide-ranging discussion that included policy changes that would ensure an equitable and more supportive learning environment and program initiatives that promote increased parental and community involvement.

“For me, this crisis highlights the vital need for early intervention,” the Councilwoman said.  She offered concrete examples of how she fought for programs and funding through the City Council including the Full Day Universal Pre-Kindergarten Initiative, the Drop-Out Prevention and Intervention Initiative and the English Language Learners Incentive Grant. “I was pleased to hear from experts from across the educational spectrum and gained further insights as to the causes of the problem as well as what we in government at all levels can do to proactively tackle this dropout crisis,” the Councilwoman concluded.

Councilwoman González also took advantage of the opportunity to meet with Governor David A. Paterson to discuss further funding streams for District 38 for health care and the Waterfront Park.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Time Out NY Calls Sunset Park Next Hot Nabe

We've been hearing it for a long time, but it never gets old.
To read why TONY is so bullish on Sunset, read here.

Sunset Highlighted by the Daily News

Check out this NY Daily News Article about the best savings in Sunset Park.
Among the best spots for good deals: Tony's Barber Shop, Kings Hardware, and Munchy Coffee Shop.

David Galarza Fails Fundraising Test

From NYTURF...

Re: David Galarza Fundraising Numbers
posted by thedude on Apr 15, 2009 [11:01 PM]
So who is the largest contributor to the David Galarza campaign? Who is the only person willing to put their money where their mouth is and show they have at least a slimmer of faith that he has a chance? Who is the only person confident enough about Galarza's chances to write his campaign a nice, big check?
Unfortunately for the campaign, only David Galarza himself.

The campaign of perennial District 38 City Council candidate David Galarza recently published a press release highlighting their recent fundraising efforts.
In it, they showered on the self praise: their "grassroots" campaign raised $20,000! Of course, despite their efforts to try and make it seem as if their opponent has a few big money donors while they have more widespread popular support, their opponent had more than twice as many individual donors.
What the Galarza campaign did not highlight was that their second largest contributor was the owner of Johnny's Pizza on 5th Avenue of Sunset Park. His motivation for such vehement protesting of a new Papa John's opening nearby is becoming clearer...
The most laughable point the campaign did not want anyone to know about and, therefore, did not include in their press release: the identity of their largest contributor.
So who is the largest contributor to the David Galarza campaign? Who is the only person willing to put their money where their mouth is and show they have at least a slimmer of faith that he has a chance? Who is the only person confident enough about Galarza's chances to write his campaign a nice, big check?
Unfortunately for the campaign, only David Galarza himself.
The state of affairs for the Galarza campaign is so sad that they brag about their fundraising numbers and the support it shows they have and yet nearly 10% of the money David Galarza has raised, he has given to himself.
Now, I don't know about you, but if I had a birthday party and I had to buy myself presents to try and prove to everyone around me how popular and liked I was, I wouldn't exactly go around bragging about it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who Is Robinson Iglesias?


Anyone have any information on recently declared Sunset Park City Council Candidate Robinson Iglesias?
He is apparently registered with Campaign Finance and I saw one or two signs around, but it has been difficult to find anything else about him, including what he has done for the community and exactly what his platform is.

General Sunset Park Stuff


Looking for some general info or write-ups about our neighborhood?
Or here.
Or, you can always try here.

4th Avenue Firehouse


Thoughts on the new Sunset Park firehouse?

Modern, environmentally friendly design. Actually, it's the City's first green firehouse.

Only problem: cars parked all over the street.

A Walk Along 8th


From a photo journal about 8th Avenue.

For more, visit here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Restaurant on 5th Ave

Casa Vieja on 5th Ave has gotten a write up in the Village Voice!
Haven't been there yet, but it sounds good. We definitely need more of these types of places on the Avenue.

Sunset Park Politics

Here's an excerpt from a piece recently posted online:

"This promises to be a particularly dirty election season in Sunset Park as one candidate for Sunset Park’s City Council seat, David Galarza, is already desperately slinging the dirt in his third attempt to defeat incumbent Sara Gonzalez."

Not exactly sure who the person being spoken about in this article is, but someone sent this to me and it's about Sunset Park, so I'm postin' it!
If I learn anything more about this David Galarza character, I'll forward it along. So far, he's not sounding too good.

Read the entire piece by clicking here.

Sunset Park Industry City

If you're a local artist and looking for studio space, consider Industry City here in Sunset Park.
As it says on their website: "Industry City’s arts initiative occurs amidst the long established and still growing industrial and manufacturing community that preceded it."

Here is some availability:
735 rsf.........$800/month (#601)
2177 rsf.......$2400/month (#606)
812 rsf.........Rented (#503) 
812 rsf.........Rented (#507) 
812 rsf.........$965/month (#508) 
812 rsf.........Rented (#509) 
812 rsf.........$965/month (#510) 
812 rsf.........Rented (#511) 
1534 rsf.......$2,140/month (#505) (View of harbor and Manhattan) 
1562 rsf.......Rented (#501) 
1636rsf........$1,840/month (#504) 
2598 rsf.......$3,300/month (#506) (View of harbor and Manhattan)
Leases processed before March 15, 2009 will include 2 months of free rent.
For more info about Industry City and application guidelines, go here.

Sunset Park 197a Plan

Check out the following links to learn more about how Community Board #7 feels our industrial waterfront should look like:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sara Gonzalez Introduces Pro-Tenant Bill

RENT CONTROL: Council Member Sara Gonzalez (R) speaks at a press conference at City Hall on Wednesday announcing new legislation that aims to protect affordable housing in the city. Also pictured are Council Members Bill De Blasio (C) and Helen Sears (L). (Christine Lin/The Epoch Times)

Local Council Member Gonzalez, who represents Sunset Park, introduced a bill that will allow rent control to continue in NYC, which means thousands of tenants won't be forced out of their homes.
Click on header for a link to the Epoch Times article....


From this truck, to your plate....
8th Avenue.

Sunset Park High School Coming Fast

Sunset Park's first High School is coming to 4th Avenue and 35th Street in September of 2009.

Sunset Park Boundaries and Bordering Neighborhoods.

Federal Building #2: The Saga Continues

At top, you can see the Federal Building #2 (on 3rd Avenue and 31st Street) as it currently looks.

Then, how Time Equities intended it to look.
Ah, the plans of mice and men....
Time Equities has withdrawn their bid to purchase the buildings from the City and spend $100 Million to renovate them as a result of the current economic crisis.

The City, apparently, will now try and purchase the building from the federal government for $1 in order to drive down the asking price for whatever developer is to be selected. Only time will tell....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Get A Tree!

Print, then get a tree planted to make up for the tree you killed printing the form to request a new tree.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Sunset Park's Newest Blog!

Dear Reader:
Over the next few days, weeks, and months, this site will grow to hopefully become a definitive space for Sunset Park residents and those who wish they were residents alike.
Please keep checking in and continue to be a part of the evolution of this exciting new blog!
Mei Li
Sunset Park, Brooklyn